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Automated Printer Deployment

Simplify the process of adding, changing, and deleting printers

The members of your SAP Basis team are critical — and expensive — resources whose time is best spent concentrating on strategic efforts like your S/4HANA upgrade, not on solving user print problems. LRS can help. 

LRS software can automate the process of defining new printers across your enterprise, decreasing SAP Basis administration effort and giving users access to new devices in minutes instead of days or weeks. 


The IMAC/D and EOS Replicate processes work together to simplify life for SAP Basis staff, offering Operational Agility when it comes to bringing printers into or out of service. Printers are available to all applications within minutes of being physically installed. Automating this work also frees up your Basis staff for more important work. 


Using Automated Printer Deployment with SAP

Integrating our solution into your ticketing system enables the LRS software to replicate the steps that a human administrator would take in defining a new device. The device parameters needed to define the new printer can be passed to the LRS software in the form of a print job. An IMAC/D process filter uses this information to automatically create the new printer definition, which is provisioned to the applicable SAP and VPSX systems by the EOS_Replicate process. 


These automated printer creation and deployment capabilities not only save your organization time and money, but also eliminate the possibility that human error may cause larger problems in the future. 

Output management experts from systems engineering and support teams can help your organization automate many of the burdensome administration tasks related to managing print. Doing so lets you focus your technical efforts on core business challenges instead of basic print tasks, improving IT efficiency and strengthening your bottom line. 


Centralized IT for business critical - SAP output and Workplace Printing


In depth reviews of a company's existing setup revealed that each printer had at least two definitions (to solve tray issues). The work involved was labor intensive and made the print infrastructure more complex. It also became clear that they were having Unicode issues.

The complexity of the multitude of printer definitions and problems with printing Unicode were easily solved by LRS. With the added benefit that IT would not need to spend a huge amount of time to define printers.

Using LRS software, they can automatically roll out the printer definitions to all connected SAP Systems.

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