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This week, we proudly welcome a great new group of people to the LRS family; Swedish-based Cirrato Technologies AB, the folks behind the Cirrato One™ solution. In 2014, Gartner named them a Cool Vendor in Imaging and Print Services, and they’ve long been on the radar of astute customers and analysts alike. They were on our radar as well.

Like other players in this market, we’ve been impressed with their technology and the value their software provides to their customers. Just as importantly, we saw the way they treated their customers, employees, and channel partners. Cirrato is a younger and smaller company than LRS, but they share the same core set of values that have guided us since the early 1980s. So bringing them on board seems less like acquiring a company and more like inviting some distant relatives to our home for the first time. In this case, they’re from Sweden, and we’re rolling out the red carpet.

In more than 24 years as an LRS employee, I can count on one hand the number of software products or companies we have acquired (Capella Technologies being one of the most recent and most successful examples). We’ve mostly evolved from a three-person IT consulting firm to a global software company through a combination of organic growth, customer focus, and hard work. Having a great team in place is the key, and we know that both the LRS EOM and Cirrato teams are eager to learn from each other, improve our offerings, and help our customers overcome their own output management challenges. Let’s get to work!

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