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Do you want your users to be able to do pull print jobs from the SAP Public cloud or BTP-PRINT? If so, you have come to the right place, because our new solution, VPSX/OutputManager Cloud, can do exactly that.

This latest evolution of our expanding SAP solution set can integrate into your existing pull print system. However - and a better option in my opinion - it can also be used in conjunction with LRS's own proven  MFPsecure/Print solution. It is worth noting that the native SAPCPRINT (SAP Cloud Print Manager) cannot and never will do that. (SAP Note 2679304 - Follow Me Printing on Cloud Print Manager (not supported))

Recently, our LRS team implemented three instances of SAP Public Cloud printing to an existing XEROX Pull Print system in under a day. In this case, the customer had their infrastructure (server) ready and waiting for us to use. All of the firewall settings were also configured correctly and the technician at the other end was very experienced in this technology. But it does go to show that implementing cloud printing, even pull print, does not have to be a long project if the necessary people and infrastructure are in place.

This system is highly configurable and flexible. You may have a business user with different C-userIDs on different instances, and you may also have the same C-UserID on different instances having different business users. In either case, we can map on a per-instance per-user basis.

If you have an urgent need to do pull printing from your SAP public cloud environment, give us a call! You may be pleasantly surprised at how quickly we can help you accomplish this.

Best wishes from the Odenwald,


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