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Certificate Best Practices for LRS High Availability Environments

Are you implementing LRS Enterprise Output Management (EOM) software in your organization? Are you concerned about High Availability (HA) in your operations? Are you struggling to understand the role, the content, and the configuration of security certificates in that environment?

If you have answered yes to any of the questions above, you should be reading the VPSX Best Practices document recently published by our LRS System Engineering group. This practical guide is designed to help customers and their LRS EOM administrators cut through the fog while getting things set up correctly from the very start.

Best Practices Subjects Discussed

This document will give you some insight into important topics concerning certificates, such as:

  • Certificate Signing Authorities
  • The Role of OpenSSL
  • The Certificate "Chain of Trust"
  • The importance of the Subject Alternate Name (SAN) field and its content
  • The placement of certificates in an LRS EOM HA Environment

This document covers these and other topics and will help LRS customers construct a successful and secure Enterprise Output Management environment. If you are an IT professional involved in an LRS EOM implementation, this document should be on your reading list.

If you are interested in obtaining a copy this document: VPSX Best Practices, Certificates for HA, please contact your LRS Account Executive or your LRS Systems Engineer. Alternatively, you can click here to request a copy though our website.

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