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Drivve | DM – Bookkeeper, accounts and receipts

Drivve Bookkeeper

Drivve | DM Bookkeeper enables companies to create a secure bookkeeping process that can manage, allocate and assign receipts. 

As soon as an invoice arrives at your company, the receipt is processed using Drivve | DM, it can then be pre-assigned with the account assignment module. You also have the option of exporting the account assignment data for booking to your accounting software. A link to the document is available with the exported data, allowing you to directly view your receipt stored in Drivve | DM with a single click from your accounting software.

Drivve DM Bookkeeper Graphic

Bookkeeping for accounting

  • Administration, allocation and assignment of receipts
  • Administrate ledger accounts, cost centers, cost units and projects
  • Definition of VAT rates and VAT codes as well as document types or filing shortcuts
  • Definition of the ledger currency
  • Import of ledger accounts, cost centers and cost units from CSV file possible
  • Import suppliers and projects via CSV file or by linking to Drivve | DM spaces
  • Set net / gross as the default for account assignment
  • Define an automatic mapping of default index values to the booking record
  • Selection of the creditor and ledger accounts by auto-complete functionality
  • Pre-allocation of the amount, invoice number, document date, description
  • Ability to split postings with several ledger accounts
  • Ability to add a posting text for each separate ledger account
  • Option to assign cost center, cost unit and project per ledger account
  • Export booking records for further processing
  • Manual or automatic export of released booking records
  • Target format is a generic CSV output as well as a booking batch in DATEV ASCII format
  • Secure booking process via dedicated permissions

Drivve | DM Bookkeeper is the most reliable way for invoice processing within your enterprise. 

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