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Drivve | DM – Document Collaboration and Sharing

Document Collaboration and Sharing

With Drivve | DM, your teams can collaborate and share documents as if they were in the same office. Drivve | DM connects users with the documents so they can access through their PC, Notebook, Tablet or Smartphone.

By simply entering the file name or a key word, users are presented with all their virtual documents to work on. Through our simple interface Drivve | DM enables easy sharing documents with others.

Drivve DM Collaboration and Sharing Graphic

Effortless collaboration and sharing

  • Mobile Apps for Android® and Apple® iOS devices
  • Ability to share documents as temporary public links
  • Distribution of documents via email
  • Access to workflows from your mobile device
  • Browser-based architecture provides access connected laptop or PC
  • Cloud solution for mobile access
  • Group-based inboxes
  • Assign workflow steps to multiple users or groups
  • Check-out/Check-in function ensures no simultaneous editing of documents 
  • Ability to assign document to user or group inbox
  • Template creation for other users
  • Easy collaboration with external persons via guest licenses which have pre-defined limited permissions