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Drivve | DM - Rights Management

Security and Protection

Drivve | DM has a rights management module that enables an administrator to grant permissions to documents based on type to designated users and groups.

Drivve | DM works as a multilayered system and features exclusive use of the Dr. Doc Image Vault™, a secure, virtually maintenance-free object-oriented database. Image Vault has been used by some of Europe's biggest organizations from major car manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies to military contractors storing top-secret documents with the highest security needs.

From the end user's perspective, Drivve | DM’s security details are available in an intuitive admin dashboard.  The dashboard allows you control access to all your assets at the user/group/role or cabinet/dossier/folder/file levels.

Drivve DM Rights Management Graphic

Secure documents with rights management

  • Integrated user management with the ability to add an any number of users
  • Group-based rights: Define an any number of different groups and sub-groups with specific rights
  • Role-based rights: Define access rights based on roles instead of groups
  • Rights-templates: Define rights-templates for stereotypes and assign them to users and groups
  • Security and user management with users, groups and roles
  • Access restriction based on content
  • Easy definition of users, groups and roles
  • Access to documents by types of defined users and groups
  • LDAP user synchronization
  • Integration into Microsoft® Active Directory
  • Definition of user rights based on the filing structure
  • Guest licenses with significantly reduced rights (limited by the system)
  • Ability to switch between entities with one login