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Drivve | DM – Document Management | Any Documents

Integrated Document Management Software

Drivve | DM provides an integrated document management solution — with links to existing applications, such as, CRM, ERP and Supply Chain systems and others. Drivve | DM Document Management allows you to bundle all your company’s documents and information in one place making them accessible anytime, anywhere from any different device.

Drivve DM Document Management Graphic

Robust Document Management

Drivve | DM securely manages all your documents from capture through archiving and deletion, built in version control and check-in/checkout built ensure your documents are managed carefully.    

  • Store any kind of document (Email, Microsoft Office documents, PDF, CAD, etc.)
  • Document approval
  • Version control
  • Check-in/Check-out
  • Editing of Microsoft Office documents directly from within the system
  • Keeping an audit trail of document changes — who, what, when
  • Personal/ Group inboxes
  • Compliant with existing laws and regulations (GOBD, HGB, ZBO, BDSG, GDPR)
  • Facilitates compliance with regulations (HGB, ZPO, AO and BDSG)
  • No restrictions as to number of documents or size of the document storage
  • Import and storage of document metadata
  • Document numbers and barcodes
  • Document filing based on pre-defined structures (cabinet, drawer, folder, binder)
  • Ability to classify and organize records based on pre-defined index values
  • Document retention periods
  • Flexible and intuitive indexing
  • Central and web-based administration
  • Create filing structures, document and filing types in a smart document repository
  • Assign archived documents to spaces, workflows and projects
  • Assign notes to a document, space or workflow
  • Possibility to define filing shortcuts for frequently needed filing locations
  • Viewing and editing of document indices
  • Document download and printing
  • Template management for emails and notes
  • Clipping functionality for documents belonging together (for example orders, delivery notes and invoices)
  • Annotations, e.g., text highlights, sticky notes and stamps can be added to the document
  • Certified digital signature for documents including a signature image
  • Store any kind of document type

Please contact our team of experts if you want to learn about optimizing your electronic filing system.

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