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Drivve | DM – Space and Project Management

Drivve Space Management

In Drivve | DM, you can create focused work “Spaces” on specific subject matter (e.g. projects, teams, customers, products, etc.) for aggregating and managing relevant documents from across filing categories. 

Drivve | DM, spaces enable you to add additional access and security measures so that you can grant (or deny) access to a group of documents used for a particular space by a limited number of users.

Drivve DM Space and Project Management Graphic

Space Management for better document management

    • Space Cover Page
    • Classification of projects and spaces
    • Central access to documents belonging to a certain process
    • Context-oriented document filing and retrieval
    • Custom fields for space indexing

  • Ability to create personnel spaces, logistics spaces, project spaces etc.
  • Supporting one level of sub-spaces
  • Management of project or space duration
  • Full-text search of spaces and documents 
  • Management of document linking (Hyperlinking)
  • Creation of notes associated to spaces
  • Allocation of processes and workflows to spaces
  • Ability to link documents to multiple spaces