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Drivve | DM – Document Management Workflow

Designing Document Management Workflow processes

With Drivve | DM Workflow Management you can design standardized, dynamic processes – optimized and customized to your company needs.

You can organize workflows by priority, automate processes by demand and create new ad-hoc workflows. Mandatory fields ensure that even the smallest piece of document detail will not be overlooked. And the integrated notification system makes sure that you will never miss a task!

Drivve DM Document Management Workflow Graphic

Document Workflow made simple

  • Easy creation and editing of workflow templates in the web interface
  • Pre-defined workflow templates
  • Creation of ad-hoc workflows
  • Automation of processes
  • Priorities and due dates
  • Automatic workflow distribution
  • Automatic initialization of workflows by rules
  • Private inbox
  • Workflow notification service
  • Individual allocation of the workflow subject
  • Due date monitoring and alert service
  • Record journal indicating record changes and which user changed the record
  • Creation of notes associated to workflows
  • Standardized and individual workflow controls
  • Linking of related documents and spaces to a workflow
  • Distribution of data sets via email, internal link and private cloud
  • Comprehensive rights management
  • Prioritizing of individual workflows
  • Adaptation of the workflow overview to the workflow priorities
  • Controlling view for workflows according to rights management
  • Workflow search by owner, subject, status etc.
  • Creation of linear workflows like follow-ups, reminders, auditing etc.
  • Email notifications for overdue workflows
  • Support for four-eyes principle by using multiple users for a workflow step
  • Ability to manage your workflows with mobile app
  • Task list filter to see relevant tasks only
  • Full history of workflow kept in database for later review
  • Rewind a workflow to a previous step
  • Cancel a workflow (requires additional permission)