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Drivve | DM – Document Capture and Management

Document Capture and Management

Drivve | DM provides a simple and easy way get documents into your document management system.  With many different ways to import and add documents including direct integration with Microsoft® Office applications.  Drivve | DM can also monitor email and document folders "sweeping" the contents directly into your document management system.

Drivve DM Document Capture and Management Graphic

Simple document capture and management

  • Import documents into Drivve | DM using Drivve | Image
  • Monitoring of email inboxes
  • Scan documents using Drivve | Image directly to your archives
  • Assign a document to any personal Drivve | DM inbox while capturing
  • Direct integration to Microsoft® Office applications
  • Document archiving directly through the Drivve | DM user interface
  • Facilitate bulk import of documents with Drivve | Image
  • Document indexing during capture
  • Automate document import via monitored folders with Drivve | Image
  • Ability to define mandatory fields in the Drivve | DM input mask
  • Convert documents into a searchable PDF format

Drivve document scanning and processing software can optimize business processes and improve operational efficiency within your enterprise. Contact us to learn more.