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Drivve | DM – Document Management and Workflow

What is Drivve | DM?

Drivve | DM is a mobile and browser-based document management and workflow system delivering comprehensive functionality and unrivaled security. Capture, store, find, share, create workflows or manage any type of digital content or scanned documents from your PC, Notebook, Tablet or Smartphone. 

Once stored, documents can be accessed through our simple browser-based interface. The easy and intuitive interface provides a way to find and access any stored documents from any mobile or computing device.

Drivve DM Graphic

Search and locate

Access documents instantly using the Drivve | DM advanced browser-based search function. Perform text or context-oriented searches by combining terms and fields.

Archiving & document management

Drivve | DM manages and archives company documents and information into chosen locations making them easily accessible.

Workflow management

Easily create and publish document workflow automation templates.  Once triggered workflows follow the pre-defined workflows delivering documents as required.  Drivve | DM enables monitoring of existing workflows as well as easy edit for existing workflows.

Security and protection

Drivve | DM uses the most cutting-edge technologies — SSL, RSA Data Security and others — to lock down your data, from the point of scan all the way to storage. Your data isn't accessible without system authentication, and once accessed a full audit trail is captured. This is important for document management processes such as invoice processing, tender responses or contract negotiations.

Cloud SaaS option

Drivve | DM Cloud is a fully hosted SaaS service solution where your users can easily access documents via a browser or smartphone app.  With Drivve | DM Cloud companies can reduce complexity and save money as there no installation and operational costs or expenses for back-up, maintenance and support.

Mobile solution

Drivve | DM Mobile App brings a feature-rich and secure document and workflow management to your Smartphone and Tablet. Drivve | DM is fully embedded in the device environment of Android and Apple iOS, so you can easily view your documents anytime you want, from anywhere in the world.

Platform independent

Because client software is browser based, Drivve | DM can be used on every platform. All of your documents are accessible from any type of computer — whether PC, Mac, or even Linux — so you and yours can easily share documents across different environments.