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Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.

Drivve | DM - System Architecture

Easy, Powerful and Secure

Drivve | DM provides a powerful, secure and stable environment to store all your documents. Running on a powerful and robust database Drivve | DM is both stable and secure.

Drivve | DM is highly scalable and flexible offering a browser-based architecture which is simple, quick and easy to install and configure. We also have the Drivve | DM Cloud edition available for off-site hosting.

Drivve DM System Architecture Graphic

Scalable and secure architecture

  • Built on a highly flexible object-oriented database which is specifically designed for document storage
  • Web-based architecture without client installation
  • Volume-Based Container Storage (VBCS) provides the most efficient storage of your document data
  • Incremental back-up available, only the most recently created document container is actually altered. Once a container has been filled to its defined size, it doesn’t change.
  • Easy data exchange with third-party applications
  • Database is integrated in the authentication process
  • Identification of all users, for example via the Drivve | DM log-in or for single sign-on Windows
  • All relevant system activities are documented within audit trail
  • Easy to manage back-up structure