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The LRS story is one of continual growth, as outlined in my August 2017 Blog article. With the expansion of our product set and customer base comes the need for more people to develop and support them. Which means more places for those people to work. So began the largest expansion of LRS’ Springfield corporate campus to date.

Since August, a lot has changed. Things seemed to move slowly at first, as old buildings were cleared and the ground was leveled for new construction.

Then one morning, a 90 foot tall crane appeared. 

LRS Building Crane

Things changed fairly dramatically after that, and it’s been very busy around here ever since. Before long, support columns started sprouting out of the ground and concrete trucks showed up to pour the foundation and first-story parking ramps.

LRS cement mixer

Through one of the coldest winters in recent memory, construction crews have continued work at a rapid pace. The second floor deck is shaping up nicely, and areas of the first floor are being enclosed to allow interior work to continue.

LRS Night View

Word around the office is that construction is running ahead of schedule, which is great news for those of us learning to share a workspace with colleagues moved in from other business units. It’s tight quarters now, but everyone knows it will be worth it. Be sure to track the progress of the construction via the webcam on the following page:

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