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Drivve | Scan to Lotus Notes

Scan to Lotus Notes or Domino Collaboration Software

Drivve | Image provides direct integration with IBM Lotus Notes and Domino collaboration software. When you send scanned documents through your IBM Lotus Notes and Domino server directly from your personal email account, you'll find the sent email in your sent box (you'll even receive a message if an email is undeliverable). Or, drop an email to your drafts and edit the message before sending it.

Drivve Image Scan to Lotus Notes Domino Graphic

Access address books within IBM Lotus Notes and Domino

Log-in to your scan device to get secure personal address book access and email from within IBM Lotus Notes and Domino account. Easily specify email fields like To, Cc, and Bcc recipients from your address books, or enter the recipient's address manually from your device’s control panel. Then send copies of your email message to one or more people simultaneously.

Optimize, email and file a document in one step

Streamline and accelerate your distribution-related business processes by scanning, emailing, and filing your documents right from your scanning device. During the scan process, Drivve | Image software optimizes image quality and provides integration to your third-party applications, e.g., document management, IBM Lotus Notes, and Domino collaboration solutions.

Drivve Image Optimize email and file documents Graphic

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