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Drivve | Image - Scan to Cloud

Scan to Cloud

Drivve | Image Cloud Connector integrates directly with OneDrive, Google® Drive Professional, Sharp® Cloud Portal Office, and Scan to Box®. It can also be used for Scan to WebDAV®.

Drivve Image Scan to Cloud Graphic

Google Drive Professional Integration

Drivve | Image scan to cloud function makes it possible to directly scan documents to Google Drive Professional, and supports a printback function. Users can select a folder in Google Drive and determine the document name and other document details.

Drivve Image Google Drive Professional Integration Graphic

Scan to Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft® OneDrive Integration enables users to scan to Microsoft OneDrive. Users can pick a destination folder location at the scan device, then choose a file name. They can also specify additional variables for the document to enhance the searchability of the document.

Drivve Image Scan to Microsoft OneDrive Graphic

Sending scanned documents via Gmail

With the Drivve | Image scan to cloud function, you can send your scanned documents via Gmail®. You can also send these emails with multiple To-, Cc- and Bcc recipients if required. Users can create meta files (CSV/XML) and automatically send separated documents in individual emails.

Drivve Image Sending scanned documents via Gmail Graphic

Scan to Sharp Cloud Portal Office (SCPO)

With the Drivve | Image Cloud Connector, you scan documents directly to Sharp Cloud Portal Office (SCPO)®, with document indexing and file name creation.

Drivve Image Scan to Sharp Cloud Portal Office Graphic

Scan to Box®

Use the scan to Box® Connector to transfer your scanned documents to the cloud platform Box. Users can specify the file name or automatically generate them through the use of variables.

Drivve Image Scan to Box Graphic

Scan to WebDAV-based applications

Use the WebDAV standard for transferring your scanned documents to cloud platforms, determining the file name, and the definitions of the file destination.

Drivve Image Scan to WebDAV Graphic

Drivve | Image document scanning and processing software offers tools for scanning to cloud services. Contact us to learn more.