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Database Connector

Direct Access to Your Database

The Drivve | Image Database Connector allows you to extract relevant data and information and use it immediately.  This Drivve | Image Database Connector provides:

  • Speed: find data quickly and simply and when you need it.
  • Accuracy: by using your database’s readily available info for indexing, human error all but disappears.
  • Auto-population: you can manually input one piece of information and an array of additional search field values appear. You can then simply choose what value you where looking for.
Drivve Image Database Connector Graphic

Connect to existing data sources

Drivve | Image offers an integrated information management solution with powerful tools for connecting to your existing resources. The Drivve | Image Database Connector seamlessly connects your scanner or multifunctional device with your databases, fax-group profiles for broadcasts, email lists, etc. This give you full control of inputs to efficiently index and distribute your documents.

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