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Drivve | Image – OCR Text Recognition Feature

Create editable and searchable documents

The Drivve | Image™ OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Module reads and searches your scanned documents. This powerful feature enables you to convert your scans into searchable PDF files, transforming paper documents into editable data or filtering data like a contract or customer number from a scanned contract.

Whether you need OCR to convert your simple image scans to searchable PDFs, to extract a contract or customer number from a scanned contract in order to use it Drivve | Image OCR Scanning software can support all your scanning needs.

Drivve Image OCR Text Recognition Graphic

Create searchable PDF documents

Generate readable and searchable PDF documents and generate PDF/A output format for the long-term archiving of your electronic documents. PDF encryption ensures that confidential information remains private.

Drivve Image Create searchable PDF documents Graphic

Create editable documents in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel

Once documents are scanned with Drivve | Image OCR Module, they can be stored and sent in editable formats including Microsoft® Word, Microsoft Excel®, OpenDocument Text, RTF or Text.

Drivve Image Editable documents in Microsoft Word or Excel Graphic

Autorotate documents

Getting perfectly scanned document can be a challenge. Through the use of Drivve | Image OCR functions, you can autorotate pages making sure your document is always .

Drivve Image Autorotate documents Graphic

Define zones and read text only within these zones

Use Drivve | Image Zonal OCR to process information within defined sections of your scanned document. Enhanced string manipulation allows you to analyze functions on any type of data generated from OCR zones. Search for an invoice number within an OCR zone or search and replace certain characters in a zone.

Zonal OCR provides a way automate the data entry associated with imaging tasks. This helps you instantly export processed metadata to a third-party app or database.

Drivve Image OCR Module Define Zones Graphic

Turn your multifunction devices into OCR document scanners with Drivve document management software to optimize your print fleet and improve operational efficiency within your enterprise. Contact us to learn more.