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Drivve | Image Barcode Reading

One Barcode – Many Options

With Drive | Image™ barcodes can enable effortless document routing in your business, helping your organization save money and time. Using barcodes, you can incorporate automated workflow processes including remote verification, auditing and traceability.

Drivve Image Barcode Module Graphic

Barcode reading

Index and auto-route your scanned documents by using document actions stored within barcodes. Drivve | Image software reads, understands and actions whatever been predefined for that document. You can split barcode data based on separator characters, extract portions of a barcode, or use several barcodes on one page.

Drivve Image Barcode Reading Graphic

Type and position detection

The Drivve | Image barcode reader can read more than 20 industry-standard 1D and 2D barcodes types and can find a barcode anywhere on an image or document. You can also preset the barcode location and/or type of barcode.

Drivve Image Barcode detection Graphic

Recognition confidence level

Sometimes a barcode isn’t easy to read, especially when it is blurry or smudged. Drivve | Image barcode reader lets you specify a minimum confidence level and reports the confidence level of every barcode, notifying you if a barcode is below the minimum.

Drivve Image Barcode Recognition Graphic

Barcode orientations

Drivve | Image barcode reader can read barcodes in a variety of orientations: horizontal, vertical, and at a 45º angle. The software also lets you specify a default orientation.

Drivve Image Barcode orientations Graphic

Separate documents with barcodes

The Drivve | Image barcode reader can help you automate your scanning processes, for example barcodes can you be used to separate and route documents.

Drivve Image Separate Documents Barcode Graphic