Recently, LRS attended the annual Cerner Health Conference (CHC) in Kansas City, Missouri. Approximately 14,000 people attended the event, which is Cerner’s largest conference of the year. This year, Soarian clients were invited to join Millennium customers to learn about the latest Cerner solutions, network with other Cerner customers, gain Continuing Education credits, and more. Each day starts with a keynote speech, shown below.

Cerner Show Keynote Address

Some attendees may think that managing print from an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system is all about ensuring a steady supply of toner and paper. However, LRS customers know that’s just the tip of the iceberg. To illustrate that point, the LRS booth featured a large ice sculpture and a challenge to think a bit more deeply when considering their healthcare printing environments.

Cerner Show LRS Booth Front

Hundreds of attendees stopped by to discuss their printing challenges, grab an iceberg- or penguin-shaped stress toy, or just find out whether the ice was real or made out of Lexan. We assured them it was really frozen, but it seems like all 14,000 people in the conference wanted to touch it to verify that fact. A few even wanted to lick it.  We politely reminded them that all 13,999 other attendees had already touched it…

Cerner Show LRS Booth Rear

Fun fact: the ice sculptures weighed nearly a ton, and a new one had to be assembled each day before the show began. 

The LRS team this year was Paul Conklin, Ron Peel, and Andrew Medlin.  Ron and Paul are both former Cerner associates. Andrew worked heavily with Cerner in his past life with Troy Group, an LRS partner and provider of high-security printers used in healthcare environments.

LRS Team for Cerner Show

After several long days answering customer questions in the LRS booth, the crew joined other attendees for the annual conference celebration called “The Bash.” 

There, we met a lot more great people and finally got a chance to see tons of ice put to use in its more conventional (cubed) form. It was a great week in a great city with some great healthcare professionals. If we didn’t see you there this October, we hope to meet you in Kansas City next year!

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