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Drivve Documents and Tutorials

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White Paper

  • White Paper: Drivve | Image - In this Whitepaper for our scanning solution you will find all information regarding functions and benefits as well as technology and specifications. Also, we put together all the information about the different capabilities and editions of this software.
  • White Paper: Drivve | DM - In this whitepaper for our document management solution you will find information regarding functions and benefits as well as technology and specifications. We have also included information regarding security and failure protection features of the Drivve | DM Cloud solution.

Feature List

Success Story


  • Drivve | Image - Installation and Implementation - Includes guidance on the standard installation process, the licensing wizard, scan profile basics, data sources, and setting up single-sign-on.
  • Drivve | Image - Core Scanning Capabilities - Includes guidance on creating a new profile, understanding inputs, barcode basics, image processing, blank page deletion, file conversion, configuring output destinations, associating meta/XML files, setting read/write permissions, profile and device specific options, scan/print options, and additional profile settings.
  • Drivve | Image - Scan to Email using Microsoft Exchange - Includes guidance on creating a scan to email profile with Microsoft Exchange.
  • Drivve | Image - Barcode Integration - Includes guidance on identifying barcode types, sample testing, applying barcode filters, conversion options, scan output configuration, using barcodes to separate and file documents, integrating HotFolders, and additional workflow options.
  • EOM Drivve Digitizing Documents - Intelligent digitization and document management are helping companies meet the challenges of the past year, as companies have had to redesign their work processes and IT systems. Now, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have the chance to implement newfound flexibility. SMEs can obtain long-term added business value and enable employees to access documents and information of all kinds, any time, from any location.

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