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Drivve Documents

Drivve Documents

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    • Brochure: Drivve | Image - Drivve | Image is an intelligent, high performance scanning solution for optimizing business processes.
    • Brochure: Drivve | DM - The comprehensive functionality and user-friendly design of Drivve | DM makes managing business processes easy, reliable and secure.
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    • Brochure: Drivve | Print - Drivve | Print software is a secure, full-featured and user-friendly print management solution that helps organizations cut costs and eliminate waste.
    • Vertical: Drivve | Image for Administration - Using Drivve | Image software, administrative departments of any size can digitize any type of document efficiently, comfortably and intuitively.
    • Vertical: Drivve | Image for Automotive - Drivve | Image software let companies in the automotive industry digitize any type of document more efficiently. Its intuitive user-interface helps companies save time and money.
    • Vertical: Drivve | Image for Commerce - The Drivve | Image solution lets you digitize and archive your documents in a flexible, timely, and cost-effective manner.
    • Vertical: Drivve | Image for Education - The Drivve | Image solution helps educational institutions of any size put an end to stacks of paper and digitize any type of document efficiently and intuitively.
    • Vertical: Drivve | Image for Healthcare - Drivve | Image solution establishes a compliant and secure document management environment that integrates with the hospital information system and saves resources, reduces administrative costs and protects the confidentiality of data management.
    • Vertical: Drivve | Image for Human Resources - The human resources industry work with sensitive data. These must be strictly protected from unauthorized while being processed in an efficient and goal oriented manner. Drivve | Image software lets you automate scanning and ensure data security.
    • Vertical: Drivve | Image for Legal - Reliability and attention to detail are particularly important for all legal firms or departments. The entire system depends on data security and reliability. Drivve | Image software automates scanning and ensures data security and a sophisticated legal system.

White Paper

  • White Paper: Drivve | Image - In this Whitepaper for our scanning solution you will find all information regarding functions and benefits as well as technology and specifications. Also, we put together all the information about the different capabilities and editions of this software.
  • White Paper: Drivve | DM - In this whitepaper for our document management solution you will find information regarding functions and benefits as well as technology and specifications. We have also included information regarding security and failure protection features of the Drivve | DM Cloud solution.

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