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Drivve | Print – Print Management & Cost Recovery

What is Drivve | Print?

Drivve | Print is a comprehensive print management solution featuring extensive usage tracking and reporting capabilities, rules-based printing, fleet management tools, embedded pull-printing, device authentication, and device agnostic mobile and guest printing features.

Drivve Print Graphic

Drivve | Print Value Proposition

Drivve | Print helps organizations achieve cost savings while managing print volumes securely and keeping the print process easy and flexible for users.

With pull printing, device authentication, and reporting Drivve | Print helps organizations identify who is printing what and to which machines. This usage tracking enables administrators to create and implement routing rules and filters, thus allowing organizations to achieve cost savings.

Drivve | Print helps users print more easily by allowing them to release secure jobs directly from the printer and by letting users and guests print from their mobile devices without extra steps.

Improved Print Management with Drivve | Print


Achieve Cost Reduction

  • Distribute print flows more efficiently
  • Create print policies that optimize use of the printer fleet
  • Avoid unnecessary printing
  • Manage access to color printers and copiers

Enhance Security

  • Ensure compliance with data protection policies
  • Enable encrypted data transmission
  • Facilitate single sign-on for all printing and scanning workflows
  • Define and administer user rights

Increase Productivity

  • Access print jobs on any print device at any location
  • Achieve real-time fleet management
  • Accelerate access to print jobs with automatic forwarding
  • Automatically assign costs to accounts or cost centers

Streamline Management

  • Access detailed reporting on all aspects of MFP usage
  • Automate cost allocation for print and copy usage
  • Easily implement print policies
  • Simplify administration of consumables

More Flexibility

  • Implement print-via-email for all common document formats
  • Facilitate guest access to print services
  • Enjoy 100% web-based administrator access
  • Customize modular functionality to specific customer needs

Greater Ease of Use

  • User-friendly interface
  • Quick and intuitive installation
  • Comprehensive, graphically displayed information
  • Streamlined mechanisms for optimizing print volumes

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