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Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.


March 01, 2016

This is an all day event

Today, companies are plunged in a deep process of transformation to enable success in the new digital scenario.

We are at the dawn of the digital revolution and we are committed to migrate from an analog world to a digital one, which means that CIOs must have available IT infrastructures not only able to operate in the new environment, but also during the transformation process they live in both worlds: defined as IT bimodal.

In this transformation process, one of the most critical aspects is the management of new business applications. In most cases, while the new business applications are designed taking into consideration the digital transformation process, on the contrary access to data necessary for the business resides in an infrastructure not ready yet to operate successfully in the digital environment.

NextValue LRS and invite you to experience an event at four levels:

  • Luca De Biase, Sole 24 Ore
  • Alfredo Gatti, NextValue
  • Samantha Turrin, ales Director LRS Southern EMEA
  • Students of the School of Photography IIF

To register or find out more about the event please visit -

Location:  Milan, Italy

Timezone:  (Central European Standard Time)