What a difference a few months makes! In March, the business world went from office environments to makeshift workspaces in our homes. Even some of the largest companies, not just the Googles and Facebooks, around the world have seen the value of employees working from home. They’ve begun adapting to this change and are enhancing their digital workplace strategies.

Now working from home has quickly become quite familiar. Your applications are readily accessible via your computer, typically via VPN, and you carry on with the various facets of your job. Your company has provided you with a laptop but what about a printer?

What happens when you need to print critical documents produced by business applications from your home office?

This scenario is more complex than you might expect. There are variables at play in printing at your home office:

  • Network or locally attached (USB) printer?
  • Connection to business application generating printing spool: internet vs VPN/WAN
  • Admin authority on the workstation? (Specifically, adding printer authority)

Join LRS for a one-hour online webinar that will walk you through this new way of working from home. We will talk about strategies for delivering application output to workers at home including those who need to print hard documents and others who might only need an electronic document such as a PDF. In addition, we’ll discuss the security protocols necessary that will safeguard the integrity of all your documents.

Our presenter will be Brent Black, Director of Product Management for LRS who will provide the expertise and knowledge to help you continue working remotely without missing a beat.