More and more organizations are implementing solutions that incorporate the Zero Trust security concept.

Zero Trust requires that applications and IT infrastructure must “never trust, but always verify,” regardless of where resource access requests originate from.

Challenges to this approach include remote users, BYOD devices, and cloud-based applications. Industry analysts have reported that print processes are often overlooked when it comes to protecting data – also when pursuing a Zero Trust strategy

LRS offers a webinar to help organizations like yours understand the necessity of securing your print and scan environment as part of a zero-trust strategy.

Topics covered include:
• What does Zero Trust mean and why is it important?
• How does Zero Trust relate to print devices, printing and scanning?
• How does LRS support Zero Trust with its print/scan/output management solutions?

Know who is printing and what they are printing. Trust nothing, verify everything.

Presented by:  Brent Black, LRS Director of Product Management