Is your organization using multifunction devices (MFDs) to handle your scanning, printing, pull print, and other document workflows? If you’re like many companies, you likely have two or more software packages to manage these critical functions. This can result in:

  • Increased cost and unnecessary complexity
  • Lack of security and traceability
  • Complex end-user experience resulting in delays and lower productivity
  • Restrictions on supported output formats, which limits business process digitalization
  • The need to retain and support redundant Windows® Print Servers and other infrastructural elements due to varying hardware requirements

LRS is Standard, Multivendor, and Secure. A “single point of control” software layer to manage secure delivery of all scanning, printing, and pull print functions across the enterprise for any multifunctional device.

Learn More, Save More, and Get More from Your Document Infrastructure

  • Improve business agility and user productivity
  • Optimize and standardize your infrastructure
  • Simplify operational services
  • Improve security
  • Improve business digitalization strategy

Watch this webinar to learn how to score a quick and simple win for your team.  

Who Should Attend?

Consider attending if you’re in a senior leadership role that is responsible for your organization’s infrastructure, desktop services, digital workplace, security and/or end-user experience.