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Managing Critical SAP Output

Documents drive critical business processes.

Enterprises heavily depend on SAP® applications to ensure smooth integration across various business inputs, processes, and stakeholders. The value chain connecting these elements relies on a plethora of documents, including customer orders, materials lists, pick tickets, shipping manifests, inventory reports, and barcode labels. These documents are crucial for maintaining operational continuity.

SAP monitors incoming orders and sends pick lists to warehouse workers who use various tools like barcode labels and scanners to fulfill orders. If critical documents fail to print, operations are delayed, impacting the accuracy of SAP data. It's vital for the printing solution to efficiently communicate with SAP to maintain workflow continuity.

LRS Output Management for SAP Barcode printing

LRS Output Management SAP

LRS® Software Provides Organizations:

  • Certified integration between SAP applications and print devices or electronic output destinations
  • A secure, scalable, proven platform for delivering critical SAP documents to any printer or output device on any network
  • The flexibility to manage SAP output regardless of whether your applications run on premise, on S/4HANA, or in the public cloud
LRS Assured Delivery

Assured Document Delivery

When your SAP apps generate documents or labels, it's crucial they print correctly on the first try, every time. Ensuring documents print only once prevents confusion among workers and eliminates costly duplicate shipments.

Learn about assured document delivery from LRS

LRS Printer Deployment

Automated Printer Deployment

Manually adding, changing, and deleting printers is time-consuming, expensive, and error-prone. Working together, SAP IMAC/D and EOS Replicate processes enable LRS software to automatically provision print devices.

Learn about automated printer deployment

LRS Printer Deployment

Enhanced Barcode & Label Printing

Barcode & label printing is vital for logistics, marking the endpoint of many SAP-driven business processes. Working with SAP and leading barcode print hardware vendors, LRS brings unparalleled control to label printing processes.

Learn about enhanced barcode/label printing

Reduced SAP Basis Involvement

Reduced SAP Basis Involvement

SAP Basis teams often spend 30% of their time on print issues instead of core business challenges. LRS software liberates Basis resources, allowing them to prioritize bottom-line tasks.

Learn about reducing SAP Basis print effort

Enhanced Barcode & Label Printing

Streamlined SAP Business Forms 

SAP forms are vital for customer communication, but upkeep can be costly. LRS software streamlines form management, saving time and optimizing printer fleet use.

Learn about LRS support for SAP business forms

Enhanced Barcode & Label Printing

Simplified Implementation Footprint

A typical SAP print setup has many servers and costly infrastructure. LRS cuts hardware, software, and personnel costs by replacing multiple servers with a single LRS software instance.

Learn about automated printer deployment

USE CASE: Telecommunications provider reduces TCO and simplifies IT with LRS VPSX Enterprise.

A single solution to manage Windows printing and SAP application output 

  • Why Change? The customer's primary goal was Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) reduction by transitioning to a single solution provider capable of managing SAP output.
  • Why Now? The managed services contract was nearing expiration, and most of the customer's existing printers were soon to be unsupported.
  • Why LRS? Integrating LRS allowed the service provider to lower their service delivery costs and enhance the end-user experience. For the customer, the greatest benefit was the solution's ability to manage printing from both Windows and SAP. Furthermore, LRS furnished comprehensive pre-implementation project documentation for both Windows and SAP, laying the groundwork for the necessary project creation and delivery tasks.

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Decades of technical cooperation, Continual technical integration.

For over three decades, LRS has partnered with SAP to ensure reliable, timely delivery of critical documents from any SAP application to any output destination, anytime and anywhere. Our unique market position gives us the tools and expertise to help the world’s largest SAP keep pace with the ever-changing SAP landscape.

Our many years of experience supporting some of the largest SAP customers in the world have helped improve our both our software and service offerings and provide SAP output management solutions with unparalleled performance, security, and scalability.

The product of this collaboration is a proven set of output management solutions that evolves to keep pace with changes in the SAP ecosystem.

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