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The Importance of Printing in SAP Environments

SAP Documents Drive Key Business Processes.

Large enterprises rely on their SAP® applications to delivery critical information in a timely, reliable to their employees, customers, suppliers, shipping/logistics teams, and other business stakeholders. This information often comes in document form, ranging from HR reports and shipping manifests to materials lists, barcode labels and more. When key documents fail to print, business processes can grind to a halt. This impacts business efficiency and can expose you to costly SLA penalties or other sanctions.

To ensure efficient and consistent document delivery, you need a proven output management solution able to deliver any SAP document to any printer, MFP, online archive, or other output destination – in a reliable and secure manner.

SAP-certified output management solutions from LRS free your SAP Basis and other IT resources to focus on core business challenges instead of dealing with print issues.

LRS Output Management for SAP Document Environments

LRS® Software Enables You To:

  • Eliminate unnecessary print servers and other costly, troublesome IT infrastructure from your print environment
  • Prepare your SAP infrastructure for a cloud-based future while making the most of your existing SAP investment.
  • Continue to leverage the existing business forms and other document resources you have developed over time

Without LRS Software

  • Dozens of troublesome Windows® Print Servers needed to manage print
  • Hundreds of firewall openings needed
  • Complex change control processes to add/delete/change devices & drivers
  • SAP print outages common; business processes brought to a standstill

With LRS Software

SAP Output Management with LRS

  • Simplified IT infrastructure; no need for print servers, CUPS, SAPSprint, etc.
  • Reduced TCO; lower hardware, infrastructure, and personnel costs
  • Improved security through industry-leading encryption & pull print capabilities
  • SAP certified solution, implemented in large customer environments worldwide


A Spanish vehicle component manufacturer relied on Windows Print Server to format production documents, barcode labels, bills of lading, and other critical documents. This approach put the burden of document formatting on the SAP application, requiring admin staff to upload and maintain print drivers at the SAP system level and devoting precious SAP processing cycles to print.

With LRS software, the company was able to offload the burden of document formatting and print delivery to the LRS output server. This allowed them to use the generic device type SAPGOFU, which helped their SAP team:

  • Eliminate the time spent on managing drivers in the SAP system
  • Print international characters without installing special cards on each device
  • Reduce the SAP server cycles spent on formatting documents

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Simplify Print and Output Management for Cloud-based SAP S/4HANA and RISE with SAP environments. Don't migrate your legacy SAP individual language forms, printer tray configuration, printer definitions, and complicated printer servers. Eliminate them quickly and easily with LRS.

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