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Release Support Documents

Release support documents

Cirrato One Releases are distributed in three different packages: Cirrato One Network, Cirrato One Embedded and Cirrato One Embedded Canon (see contents below).

Cirrato One Network Package Version Log

Cirrato Embedded Package Version Log

Cirrato Embedded Canon Package Version Log

The Cirrato One network contains two different “release tracks”:

Long Term Support (LTS): Currently, this track includes products based on 22.4.0 releases of the Cirrato Client and Server and 1.4.0 for the Mac Client. This track will be maintained by applying critical bug fixes or other minor changes to the products. When time comes the LTS will be updated with newer versions of the products and those versions will be maintained with minor changes. The LTS will therefore not get new features at the same rate as the Edge track and will thus remain stable in the sense that it will not get any breaking changes.

Edge: This track will receive minor and major changes as they are implemented. It will continuously receive new features and bug fixes. The third digit indicates that minor changes have been applied while the second digit indicates that new features have been introduced.

Package Contents
Cirrato One Network

Edge & LTS Releases for the following components

Cirrato One Server
Cirrato One Windows Client
Cirrato One macOS Client
Cirrato One Cube Reporting

Cirrato One Embedded

Cirrato Card Service
Cirrato Pull Print for Fuji Xerox
Cirrato Pull Print for HP
Cirrato Pull Print for Konica Minolta
Cirrato Pull Print for Kyocera
Cirrato Pull Print for Lexmark
Cirrato Pull Print for Ricoh

Ricoh Xlet
Ricoh Smart SDK
Cirrato Pull Print for Samsung

Samsung XOA-E
Samsung XOA-Web
Cirrato Pull Print for Sharp
Cirrato Pull Print for Toshiba
Cirrato Pull Print for Xerox
Cirrato Smoke Test
Cirrato CSHOP

Cirrato One Embedded Canon

Cirrato Pull Print for Canon