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Unmatched Redundancy | Cirrato One Single Server Printing

Unmatched Redundancy 

With Cirrato® Single Server Printing software, printing "just works" at all times - even when the Cirrato server cannot be reached. Many Cirrato users perform server maintenance during office hours.

In traditional print environments, print jobs are sent to printers via specialized servers. So what happens if a driver causes a server crash, or network problems make servers temporarily unreachable?

Printing comes to a full halt and the helpdesk is inundated with calls. Production that relies on printing stops and the business suffers. Tempers flare. The IT department remains in "alert mode" until printing is back on line.

Cirrato Single Server Printing is different. While the server enforces rules, enables Pull Print and collects statistics, printing is fully operational even if the server is not reachable. End-users won't notice any difference, unless they are printing to a Pull Print queue - in which case, they will be given the option to print normally instead.

All local clients, even laptops, retain statistics until the server is back online, at which point the statistics are uploaded retroactively. This works so well that many of our customers perform server maintenance during office hours.