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Remove Print Servers | Cirrato One Single Server Printing

Remove Print Servers With Cirrato

Consolidating print servers can reduce administration costs, energy use and lead to a more flexible and scalable IT infrastructure.

A print server either resides on a dedicated machine or a shared file/print server. In both cases, Cirrato fully removes the need for print servers.

Dedicated print servers are costly and removing them can be an excellent investment. Our customers have estimated an annual cost for each dedicated print server of $2,000 for licensing, storage, cooling and energy. If you have many geographic locations, and many dedicated print servers, Cirrato offers rapid ROI.

Companies with many shared file/print servers often spend considerable resources administering these servers.

Furthermore, the need for print servers in each location will severely limit the company's strategic options in the future.

With Cirrato all printers are managed with just one central server. Removing print servers, even if the physical hardware is shared between several applications, opens up future centralization and/or consolidation options, reduces administration, and improves control, all  directly impacting the bottom line.