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Support End Users | Cirrato One Single Server Printing

Support End Users

Imagine a sudden decrease of print related problems throughout the organization. Cirrato has been proven to reduce print related support calls by up to 70%. Often, this is 20% of all support volume.

A typical organization with 1,000 printers receives 500 print-related support calls per month. This represents a very big cost saving, and the ability to free up valuable resources for other tasks.

Web-based Proactive Support

  • Monitor all queues and printers in real-time

  • Proactive alerts

  • Ability to clear queues of unprinted/stuck jobs

  • Re-route jobs from one queue to another

  • Check non printed, deleted and completed jobs

  • Help specific users resolve their issue on the fly

  • Set up automatic messages for users trying to print to jammed/out of paper printers

Multi-lingual Support

  • Allows your support personnel to work in their native language

  • Supports many languages including Dutch, English, Finnish, French, French (Canadian), German, Italian, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian and Spanish

  • Based on selection or web browser language