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LRS Mobile Printing and Universal Print Release

Universal Print Release

Pull Printing environments enable users to "pull" one or more documents from their own personal queues and print them secure on any network-connected device. However, authorized users sometimes need mobile print solutions to (securely) release or "push" a queued document to a different location. For example, a conference speaker who is running late may submit her presentation slides and notes to start printing while her taxi is still en route to the venue. Likewise, an administrator out in the field may need to redirect a user's print jobs directly from his smartphone instead of coming back into the office. Mobile printing solutions from LRS make it possible.

The Universal Print Release solution lets users authenticate to the LRS® Output Management solution using any web-enabled smartphone, computer, or tablet device with a browser. Users can select the target printer by manually entering the device name or by scanning a QR code on the printer or MFP. Once authenticated, a user can initiate printing of one or more documents in his or her PersonalQ to any system-defined printer, MFP, or output destination.

Together with our embedded and external secure pull printing solutions, LRS Universal Print Release software helps users access critical documents precisely where and when they are needed. Click here to find out how LRS can improve your mobile print environments.