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Desktop Virtualization printing - keeping and persistent printers

LRS Virtual Desktop Printing

Many organizations implementing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environments report user and administrator frustrations due to differences between standard Windows® desktops and virtual ones. For example, when printing from a traditional desktop, users can define new printers, customize settings, etc. However, in a VDI printing environment, any printer that a user defines or modifies after they log on to their desktop is subsequently lost at logoff time.

Result: major user frustration and increased help-desk calls. In addition, the effort to perform basic administrative tasks — such as defining default printers for various models/manufacturers of thin/zero client terminals — can prove quite challenging. 

The LRS Approach for Desktop Virtualization

LRS® Virtual Session Printer Agent (VSPA) software lets IT administrators associate users, printers, and terminals in an intelligent manner to ensure the successful deployment of VDI environments across the enterprise. Using a simple yet powerful web-based interface, authorized staff can define printers for end users and thin/zero client terminals and designate which printer is the default device for application printing.

Intelligent management of user- and terminal-specific printer definitions ensures that a worker always has the ability to print to a nearby device, to the printer back in his or her office, or to any required location on the network. The solution also lets users add printers permanently to their virtual desktops, so these devices are always accessible across multiple virtual desktop sessions.

By making virtual desktop printing more like traditional workstation printing, LRS software improves VDI user acceptance, which increases overall productivity and reduces support calls. Contact LRS to learn how we can improve printing from your virtual desktops, traditional desktops, and business applications.