SPRINGFIELD, IL – March 6, 2018 – Today, Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc. (LRS) is announcing its participation in the Epic App Orchard. This online resource provides a way for third-party developers and Epic customers to learn about APIs and share solutions that integrate with Epic software.

“We are excited to be accepted as a Silver contributor to the Epic App Orchard,” says Ron Peel, Technical Advisor and Epic partner manager at LRS. “For many years, LRS® solutions have integrated with core Epic applications to provide assured delivery of critical healthcare documents. Having our VPSX application available in the App Orchard will help hospitals and other healthcare providers discover the value of our comprehensive output management solutions.”

LRS developed its first-generation interface with Epic in consultation with the print team at Epic and has implemented the solution in many of the largest healthcare organizations in the nation. Over time, LRS and its customers found ways to improve print performance and reliability, leading to the initial VPSX® Interface for Epic solution offering. The VPSX version currently available in the Epic App Orchard runs as a single executable for improved I/O performance.

Graphical configuration screens streamline the process of installing and configuring the solution, and custom processing is provided in an easily maintained manner. A major benefit is in the area of memory management when previewing large Release of Information (ROI) files from Epic. This allows the VPSX software to lower the RAM utilization during an ROI preview job by several GB – thus improving throughput and lowering server RAM requirements.

VPSX software works with Epic 2014, Epic 2015, and Epic 2017. Through our participation in the Epic App Orchard program, LRS developers have also worked to integrate their solution with the latest version of the Epic 2018 code and released a new Epic 2018 compatible VPSX update into general availability on March 2, 2018.

Customers can access LRS’ Epic App Orchard page via the following link: https://apporchard.epic.com/Gallery?id=573/.

About LRS

LRS is a privately-held U.S. company with corporate headquarters located in Springfield, Illinois, USA. Remote offices are located throughout the United States and in key geographic regions around the world. More than half of the Fortune 500 and Fortune 500 Service companies rely on industry-leading LRS solutions, with products in use in over 30 countries. Industry analyst groups recognize LRS as a global IT leader and Software Magazine consistently ranks LRS as one of the top software companies in the world. For more information about LRS, visit .

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