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Document Mobility for a Connected World

Until recently, most workers started each business day with a trip to the office. Today, the office — and the business applications, the customer communications, and all the data they need to do their jobs — comes to them.

In today's dynamic, highly mobile workplace, cloud printing  of business documents are more important than ever. LRS® Output Management solutions provide a central point of control for gathering, distributing, and managing access to critical documents for workers on the go.

Whether your applications are running in the cloud or in your data center, LRS software provides access to any document, in any form, over any fixed or mobile network — to users anywhere in the world. To learn more about LRS CloudPrint, visit www.lrscloudprint.com. Or read about how LRS customers are successfully hosting our solutions on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

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Cloud Printing

SaaS, PaaS or to run your own Cloud Printing Solution on Premise

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Managed Services

Print Scan and Output Management Cloud Service

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SAP Output Management

SAP Certified Scan, Print and Output Management

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EMR Output

Improving healthcare printing & document delivery for faster, better patient care

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