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Print Management on Microsoft Azure

Print Management on Microsoft Azure

In order to reduce overhead and simplify IT, many large enterprises have moved their software solutions to the cloud or intend to do so. Hosted as a private or multi-tenant cloud, this configuration greatly reduces operating costs while at the same time reducing IT administrator time spent on managing and maintaining the IT infrastructure, including the print environment. Organizations running LRS solutions have the option to host it in the cloud while maintaining identical functionality as in the traditional setup. Customers benefit from having a single solution that manages and controls print jobs from any data source, including business-critical applications such as SAP. Naturally this is also true of output generated in traditional Windows or VDI environments. LRS VPSX Enterprise will monitor, manage, troubleshoot and report on all enterprise-wide printing activity.

The cloud offers many advantages. Aside from cost reductions and simplified IT, it also greatly increases the availability of resources and offers employees a consistent printing experience at any location worldwide. Availability, flexibility, and improved end user experience are high priority requirements within the digital workplace.

Real customers, real results

When it comes to end-to-end print management in the cloud, LRS customers have been doing it for a long time. These organizations have chosen to host their VPSX Enterprise software in the cloud, on Microsoft Azure for instance. Many have operated this way for years with great success. These organizations own the architecture behind their cloud-deployed print and output management. Since switching to the cloud, they not only enjoy a centralized point of control over all printing globally, they have also reduced their operating expenses and optimized their IT infrastructure by standardizing on software solutions and removing hardware such as redundant print servers.

Here is one example of such a customer:

A major passenger and cargo shipping company shifted computing resources to the cloud in 2011. They also needed to move their ticket printing to the cloud. This was a business-critical application and needed to be fully managed and controlled in order for day-to-day operations to continue. Failure to print tickets would cause substantial damage to the business. They also needed to prevent duplicate documents from being printed to reduce shipping errors.

Working with Microsoft and LRS engineers, this customer has been able to successfully print tickets since hosting their LRS VPSX solution on Windows Azure. VPSX/Output Manager software eliminated the loss of documents, managed printing tickets from Zebra devices, prevented failures and offered visibility and traceability for all output.

Microsoft Azure is one of the leading cloud computing services. Cloud-hosted services include mobile services, data storage and data management. Cloud computing platforms can run both on-premise or off-premise as a single-tenant or multi-tenant setup. In addition to lower cost of ownership, a key argument for moving to the cloud is the ability to establish a serverless environment. This enables organizations to eliminate their servers, which often number in the hundreds or even thousands.

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