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The Digital Workplace

LRS Output Management Solutions for The Digital Workplace

Digitalization is the key component for the office of the future. It offers online resources that are accessible from any location and any device, all without giving up the concept of the traditional physical office. The digital workplace should not isolate employees, but enable them to work wherever, whenever, and however they choose. In a constantly-changing work climate, current and future office workers come to expect such capabilities. Digital technology increases productivity and flexibility while helping companies more quickly adapt to change. 

Moving to the Cloud is one way to increase the availability of resources for remote office workers. In the traditional office environment, employees have to work with different systems and access company resources in various different ways. However, when using Cloud-based solutions, they get a consistent ‘look and feel’ wherever they are. This uniform experience extends to printing as well. Instead of defining and accessing a printer a different way in each separate office location, printing works the same in each office, at any location around the globe. Employees can drill down to find printers via the self-service portal, simply release documents to a print queue if pull printing is enabled, or print via a mobile printing solution.

LRS supports your transition to the Digital Workplace

LRS offers a variety of smart output management solutions that protect data and manage documents from any platform to any device or destination. We offer software for document capture, viewing, printing, storing, archiving and analytics which can be deployed in the cloud, on premise, or in a hybrid configuration.

Remote workers and security

When it comes to document capture, distribution, and printing, traditional security measures no longer suffice. These days, secure printing goes beyond basic pull print technology. Requiring users to unlock devices with a PIN, badge, or password can protect documents from being viewed by unauthorized users. But the digital workplace requires stronger security measures than these. When printing from mobile devices that connect via open or unsecured WIFI, new security protocols are required to protect data from exposure. Without data safeguards, businesses risk exposure to fines or even a complete shutdown of operations. The easier it is for users to access resources, the more important it is to protect sensitive information.

Mobile printing; what works best in the digital workplace?

Simple mobile printing requires only an app capable of releasing queued print jobs to an output device. For increased security, organizations can add sensing (iBeacon) technology that requires a user to be in close proximity to a device before releasing a print job. There are mobile printing options that further enhance the control and security over printing processes. These can be combined with a print policy or pull printing authentication method.

Convenience for end users with virtual desktops

Proximity printing technology decreases the need for end users to interact with the printing subsystem. Based on the IP address of a user’s terminal or workstation, printers are automatically installed without user intervention. This greatly reduces the complexity of finding and installing printers within VDI environments, such as Citrix, VMware and others. Read more about simplifying print for these environments. 

Additional considerations for the digital workplace:
infrastructure consolidation

Cloud-based workplace management solutions reduce or even eliminate the need to invest in software solutions. Instead of paying for a solution, implementing it, and then using it, the Cloud-based model is to utilize whatever functions you need to do your job, then pay only for the functions you used.

These days, many software solutions have an abundance of features… some of which an organization does not really require. When this software runs in-house, a large number of servers may be required. In a Cloud-hosted workplace printing scenario, the capabilities of the print solution may be limited, but those capabilities are actually beneficiary to the customer. Licensed per user or device, these solutions can quickly reduce the cost of expensive up-front license fees that charged prior to switching to the Cloud.

The goal is to pay only for what you need. Should those needs change, the Cloud solution changes with them. This helps you stay agile and cost efficient. No more need for expensive print servers. No paying for unnecessary features. No needless software to install or maintain. The Digital Workplace has arrived. 

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