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Location Based Printing with LRS Output Management

Location Based Printing

For workers with regular desktop workstations, printing to a nearby device is as simple as clicking File → Print, and selecting a printer from the list. But what happens when you’re working from a virtual desktop (VDI) session, such as Citrix XenDesktop, XenApp or VMware Horizon, instead of a 'normal' thick client computer? The difference being that in a traditional setup, all software is installed on the device and remain accessible to the employee. Within VDI environments, the devices are empty and a connection to the server needs to be established before a session can be started. Only then the user can access their own environment. Though this setup can be very efficient, it can also cause frustrations. Especially when it comes to printing. When a user logs off, the settings related to the installed printing devices aren't stored like everything else. Which requires the user to find and install printers with each new session. And then there are those who travel and need to print in a different office.

LRS Print Management Solutions for VDI

LRS has a printing solution that is designed for this type of environment. LRS’ Virtual Session Printer Agent (VSPA) solution comes with a number of features, one is called location based printing or proximity printing. This feature helps IT administrators associate users, printers, and terminals in an intelligent manner to ensure printing across the enterprise. Devices are dynamically provisioned for each location based on criteria such as user ID, terminal ID, IP address or range, Active Directory group, and more.

Authorized users can take advantage of proximity printing features to ensure convenient access to nearby printers. LRS software enables user self-service for installing new printers and drivers to make printer definition a snap. These printer definitions are persistent across virtual desktop sessions, making VDI printing as intuitive as regular desktop printing. 

LRS location based / proximity printing solutions help your users and IT staff:

  • Print any document to a convenient nearby device with minimal effort
  • Define and install new printers to physical and virtual desktops with ease
  • Enhance employee mobility without sacrificing document access 

Secure pull print for VDI environments

LRS also offers location based printing functionality in the form of pull printing solutions that provide secure document queuing and release capabilities. There is no longer the need to find and install printers via the self service portal nor do printers need to installed automatically via proximity printing. Employees, including mobile workers, can access any printer defined on the network, provide user-authentication information, and retrieve any or all of their queued print jobs. 

Users can authenticate using a mobile device, personal identification number, or proximity card (e.g., employee access badge). After authentication, all released print jobs are immediately delivered to the device. As the user is  physically at the device, this enhances security throughout the printing process. In addition to user mobility and data security benefits, these LRS VDI printing features also reduce the cost for paper waste associated with separator pages and printed documents that are never retrieved by users.

LRS secure pull printing solutions enable users to:

  • Authenticate and retrieve print jobs from any device on the network
  • Release from a different device if one is unavailable
  • Retain print jobs for release at a later time

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