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Serverless Printing | LRS Print Management

Serverless Printing

How can your organization simplify your IT infrastructure? By implementing peer to peer printing or a single server printing solution to eliminate the need for multiple dedicated print servers. In the process of removing redundant servers and other hardware from your environment, you can reduce complexity and network traffic while you improve print performance.

Less Complexity = Lower Cost

Serverless printing removes costly hardware from your environment, while still providing the high level of control you need to manage document delivery across the network. Simplifying your print infrastructure not only lowers up-front acquisition costs, but also the ongoing support effort to maintain the environment.

What does serverless printing really mean? It is not printing without any server but printing without any print server. LRS single server printing uses just one server as place to hold the printer queue definitions centrally. You define print devices of your organization on this server as Direct IP print queues, and whenever your user clients connect to these devices (e.g. using the LRS printer portal), the future printing process from your user clients is set up as peer to peer printing (=Direct IP printing) and goes directly to the printer without any need of a print server for spooling.

LRS Single Server Printing

LRS provides single server printing with a difference. Using an intuitive web interface, Windows users can easily locate nearby devices with the required color, finishing, or other capabilities then send the documents to any defined printer. Virtual desktop and virtual application users can also print without the need to manage drivers or connect to a dedicated print server. Driver updates on user devices are done automatically. The software can record key print usage statistics and makes them available for cost analysis and security auditing purposes.

VPSX/DirectPrint serverless printing software from LRS helps your users and IT staff:

  • Deliver print from any physical or virtual desktop instance to any device
  • Easily manage print drivers, queues, and devices without a dedicated print server
  • Locate, define, and manage printers using an intuitive web interface
  • Reduce WAN traffic through peer to peer (Direct IP) print connectivity

Not ready to go serverless? We offer more advantages and flexibility with LRS Output solutions. Choose a Hybrid Print Architecture which supports Direct IP printing and reliable spool-based printing from a single integrated solution.

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