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BYOD Printing | Mobile Printing

BYOD Printing

In the modern workplace, employees want the flexibility to work where they want, when they want, and on whatever device they choose. BYOD printing solutions from LRS enable workers to print the business-critical documents they need to do their jobs, regardless of what client device they use.

The LRS product suite supports BYOD printing from smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices as well as virtual and physical Windows desktops. Instead of maintaining a separate server to manage printing from wireless devices, your IT department can use a single VPSX server for all BYOD printing, desktop printing, and line-of-business application printing. This gives administrators a central point of control for managing documents generated on any platform, in any format, for delivery to any destination.

LRS BYOD printing solutions offer users multiple ways to print from user-owned devices. Employees can either:

  • Submit print requests via email from any mobile device on any OS.

Simply email attached documents to the LRS Mobile Connector solution, which verifies user printing rights before delivering output to a printer. This gives organizations a simple way to manage printed output in heterogeneous BYOD printing environments.

  • Use the free “VPSX Print” App on any supported Apple® iOS® or Android® device. 

This provides an easy way to bring enterprise-level BYOD printing capabilities to Apple iOS or Android devices, while improving the security and management of business-critical documents.

Mobile Connector software converts each document from its original file type into a standard PDF format, and sends the document for advanced formatting and subsequent printing. BYOD printing solutions from LRS provide a platform-independent central point of control that eliminates the need to define and maintain troublesome Windows® Print Servers, print queues, and printer drivers. 

BYOD printing software from LRS helps your users and IT staff:

  • Support printing from user-owned mobile devices and laptops to any output destination
  • Easily manage print drivers, queues, and devices without a separate BYOD printing solution.
  • Simplify your BYOD printing infrastructure by leveraging your existing VPSX software

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