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Secure Printing | LRS Output & Print Management

Have you assessed how secure your printing process is?

Secure printing is a matter of concern. Now more than ever. With additional regulations for data protection, it has become vital that each step of the print process is secure. While most enterprise organizations have assessed their security risks and implemented solutions to mitigate security breaches of their documents and data, recent industry studies indicate that the printing process is often overlooked in security audits. There are different risks that can occur from the moment a print job is submitted until after it is printed.

Each of the following could lead to breaches:

  • Files being sent to a print server unencrypted
  • Files being held on a print server
  • Printed documents in output trays
  • Printed documents left unattended (meeting rooms, office desks)
  • Discarded documents in waste bins

Watch a video

LRS secure printing technology can help protect you from exposing data to unauthorized users. We invite you take a few minutes to listen to Brent Black, Director of Product Management for LRS, as he speaks to the many aspects of Print Security within enterprise organizations and how our solutions can help.

Safeguarding your printed documents

When thinking about your printing process, are your documents:

  • Secure on the network? - Is printing encrypted when travelling across the network to avoid risk of interception?
  • Protected on the printer?– Is data protected when sitting in the printer’s storage?
  • Authenticated for release? – For sensitive documents, are staff required to physically release print jobs with single or double authentication methods?
  • Tracked? – Can you track, via watermarks on the printed page, who printed a given document?
  • Policy driven? – Can you disallow printing of particular document types based on the user profile?
  • Monitored and audited? – Can you track the “who, how, where, when, and what” of all your print jobs?

A solution that matches your organization

LRS understands that security requirements are uniquely tailored to each organization’s needs and business processes. That’s why we work closely with organizations to understand their requirements and develop print security solutions that works for them. 

We understand that no two organizations are alike, which is why we offer a number of secure printing measures, including pull print and encryption.

  • We help leverage your existing investment in hardware by using your current badges and electronic badge readers for user authentication on the device.
  • We offer embedded pull printing solutions for all major hardware manufacturers. Our software works with your existing fleet and future choice of brand.
  • LRS mobile printing allows users to release jobs from any device on the network, without the need for a large investment while still securing your print process. Including the option for iBeacon which only allows users to release print jobs when they are in close proximity of a printing device.

LRS secure printing solutions can do all this and more. Contact us to find out how we can deliver print security for your entire organization with a single solution approach.

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