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Print Management on Amazon Web Services

Print Management on Amazon Web Services

In most organizations, the primary motivation to move to the cloud is to reduce TCO and standardize the IT infrastructure. Whether hosted as a private or multi-tenant cloud setup, cloud-based operations eliminate the need for large investments and help reduce IT administrator time spent on managing and maintaining the IT infrastructure. Cloud solutions are agile and can easily adapt to changing business conditions.

Your printing environment can also be managed from the cloud. Many organizations currently have LRS solutions hosted in the cloud; these offer the same functionality as their previous in-house systems. Establishing a single solution that manages and controls print jobs from any origin (including business critical applications such as SAP®) offers a variety of business benefits. Such flexible solutions often have the ability to manage output generated in traditional Windows networks or VDI environments such as Citrix® or VMware®. The LRS® VPSX® Enterprise solution monitors, manages, troubleshoots, and reports on all enterprise-wide printing activity.

Cloud-based solutions provide a multitude of benefits. In addition to lower cost of ownership and an optimized IT infrastructure, they also offer increased availability of resources to employees. Whether these employees work remotely or from an office, they will have a consistent printing experience at any location worldwide. The recent shift to the digital workplace demands flexibility and 24/7 availability of resources. Cloud-based solutions offer all this and more.

Real customers, real results

When it comes to end-to-end print management in the cloud, LRS customers have enjoyed the benefits for years. These organizations have chosen to host their VPSX Enterprise software on the Amazon Web Services® cloud platform. Organizations like these own the architecture behind their AWS cloud-deployed print and output management. Upon switching to the cloud, they not only enjoy a centralized point of control over all global printing, they also reduce their operating expenses and optimize their IT infrastructure by standardizing on software solutions and removing hardware such as redundant print servers.

Here are two examples of such customers:

The first organization is a long-time LRS customer that sells and distributes food worldwide. They were already familiar with the value our solutions bring to large enterprises, and were looking to deploy a pull printing solution for cost savings, data security and corporate sustainability. The company chose LRS’ MFPsecure®/Print product as the embedded pull printing solution for their mixed HP and Xerox-based printer fleet. Their one special requirement was that the solution should run in the cloud. Today, this customer uses VPSX Enterprise and PageCenterX software for a re-hosted Mainframe Environment (RME) with Micro Focus (VPSX/MFI) and MFPsecure®/Print running on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

Another retailer moved its mainframe print and archive environment to the cloud. They deployed LRS solutions for printing, archiving, data stream transforms and auditing. They now enjoy a single interface for viewing and managing enterprise output. They also have a single place to manage Windows drivers and initiate automatic driver updates – valuable functions in terms of time spent on IT operations. The range of functionality, versatility, and room for future growth in the LRS product set appealed to this customer, as did LRS’ proven track record in moving customers to the cloud.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) ranks sixth in the top 10 leading cloud computing services and is still expanding its reach. AWS cloud hosted services include computing, storage, networking, database, analytics, application services, deployment, management, mobile and developer tools. Services also include tools for the Internet of Things. Organizations of all sizes can choose AWS as a way to obtain large scale computing capacity, without the need for large investments in the IT infrastructure.

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