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Reduce SAP Infrastructure including Windows Print Servers

Reduce IT infrastructure

By their nature, SAP application environments tend to be large — often global in nature — and critical to efficient business operations. Your SAP infrastructure is tasked with capturing, processing, analyzing, storing, and providing access to the business information needed by key stakeholders around the enterprise. Together, these functions form the core of an integrated business information ecosystem that increases organizational productivity.

Like other business application providers, SAP largely relies on operating system facilities for duties outside the core application functions. For printing, this often means reliance on a patchwork of numerous print servers across multiple locations, running on UNIX, Linux, Windows, and other operating systems.

Such environments are typically hard to manage, requiring each printer to be defined multiple times on multiple print servers. Each of these print servers likewise needs to be loaded with all of the print drivers corresponding to the various devices to which they send output. These devices must have access to the various fonts, barcodes, and special characters required to print the critical documents generated by the various SAP applications.

Native SAP printing environments have numerous components, often maintained and updated by dedicated support teams whose responsibilities extend beyond the SAP infrastructure. When critical SAP documents fail to print, this complex web of components can delay problem resolution and even require SAP Basis administrators to become involved in fixing print issues. This results in wasted effort, which grows exponentially with the size of the SAP environment.

How LRS simplifies your SAP infrastructure


LRS software helped a European manufacturer reduce Windows print servers from 600 down to 30 with projected savings exceeding 2.1 million euros.

LRS® software solutions eliminate the need for redundant print servers and related infrastructure. All output can be managed through a scalable single point of control, regardless of document origin, format, or destination.

Powerful web-based management facilities give administrators full control over their users’ critical documents without the need to purchase and maintain local print servers. LRS customers report savings of over $1 million per year through the elimination of Windows® print servers, specialty font hardware and other infrastructure components.

“Can LRS software reduce SAP implementation cost?”

The VPSX/OutputManager solution enables SAP customers to save money and streamline the implementation process by:

  • Eliminating redundant hardware. A single instance of the LRS solution can replace dozens of dedicated print servers while still providing excellent scalability and reliability.
  • Offloading the burden of printing from your SAP servers and personnel. LRS software handles many printing errors without human intervention. Those that require attention are typically addressed by Level-1 administrative staff instead of Basis administrators and other high-level SAP resources.
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