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 “Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair.”  - Unknown

Data security is a concern for any organization, no matter how big or small. The nature of the data being handled certainly determines the level of concern, but it is safe to assume that protecting data is a high priority for any business. And if it was not already top of mind, data security came into the spotlight once again after recent warnings from the White House; they issued an urgent call to business leaders and corporate executives to step up security measures after pipeline operations got disrupted due to ransomware attacks. These cyber-attacks are an urgent threat to business operations that begs the question: are we taking all the necessary steps to prevent such an attack on our own systems?

Industry analysts have reported that when it comes to protecting data, print processes are often overlooked. Digital data workflows are closely considered, but those digital flows should include printing. Now more so than ever, printing comes with a risk. You most likely have end-users who work from remote locations. If so, how do you protect data that travels over networks that aren’t your own?

The title of this blog ‘never trust, always verify’ is inspired by our latest product feature called Internet Printing. This new offering enables your users to safely utilize public Internet connections when accessing corporate data, including data from critical business applications. While this is a step forward for remote employees, it is also a step into the unknown for many IT administrators. The era of tightly controlling all aspects of user data transmission is quickly fading. Instead, IT professionals have to trust vendors like LRS to protect data flowing across the public Internet just as securely as if it was on the corporate network.

When LRS development works on new features, security is never an afterthought. We design our software to be fully secure and safe to deploy within all types of IT infrastructures — from basic ones to highly complex setups.  LRS solutions have been trusted by large corporations and multinational organizations for decades. To keep our offering current, we constantly strive to add features that support different work conditions. These include the situation where employees work remotely and rely on network connectivity that is not managed from within their corporate data center.

LRS Internet Printing is a way to let employees print as if they were on the internal company network, with full tracking and auditing. Robust encryption and enhanced user identification lay the foundation of a secure printing workflow and represent the core of LRS Internet Printing. The solution provides a secure way to print sensitive corporate data using public Internet connections. It is a new and trusted way to work remotely that can put the minds of wary business leaders at ease.

Four key benefits of LRS Internet Printing are:

  • Widespread application of corporate policies
  • User authentication to prevent unauthorized access
  • Encryption that protects data in motion
  • Reporting functionality that provides a full audit trail

The proverb “You reap what you sow” proves quite true in this context; actions to prevent data exposure tend to pay off in the end. But the reverse is also true, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. One thing we can all agree upon is that it never hurts to review security measures, especially when work conditions change. LRS will continue to provide its customers with solutions that enable employees to work where they need, when they need, while retaining the highest possible level of security. Because zero compromise is the quickest path toward zero risk.  

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