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Increase Employee Productivity when using SAP Software

Increase Employee Productivity

Do more with less. Less time, less money, less effort, fewer staff. No longer a slogan, it has become a way of life from the data center to the boardroom to the loading dock.

The world doesn’t stand still, and neither do your SAP users. No longer tied to their desks, they may roam between multiple remote offices or even work from the road using SAP mobility solutions. SAP office integration and SAP mobile device management can help. However, all users —whether at a desk or on the road — require a consistent, reliable infrastructure for delivering the information they need to do their jobs.

LRS Output Management software 

Output management solutions from LRS deliver information to the right location, in the right format, right now. And when problems occur, LRS software gives users and administrators the tools to fix things fast and ensure the productivity of your workforce. The solution offers:

  • IT staff productivity benefits: Minimal IT staff time is required to manage and support print environments using LRS software. The solution offers centralized management, improved visibility across print environments, and reduced support time needed for print-related problems. A recent third-party analysis calculated IT staff time savings and productivity gains of $9,791 per 100 LRS-managed printers per year ($958,400 per organization) over five years.
  • Business productivity benefits: The LRS solution offers end users greater functionality and mobility. Improved print performance and reliability let business users leverage printing to do their jobs more effectively. Of the organizations interviewed in that same study, the reported benefits from higher productivity averaged $7,966 per 100 LRS-managed printers per year ($779,800 per organization) over five years.

To learn more about how LRS solutions can improve productivity in your SAP environment, see the resources to the right or contact our SAP partnership team.