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The Cirrato Difference | Cirrato One Single Server Printing

What Makes Cirrato One Different? 

Not just a print management system, but an entirely reimagined printing infrastructure. With Cirrato centralized print management organizations can remove print servers, enjoy a single point of control over printing and reduce bandwidth consumption.

Don't add additional functions on an already cluttered and outdated print server environment. Instead, remove your print spool servers and print traffic and reimagine printing. Take control of all your printers and printer drivers with ONE Cirrato server.

With Cirrato One, infrastructure and network teams don't have to deploy and manage multiple print servers. Instead, existing server capacity and bandwidth can be used for other applications.

"Cirrato is a world of difference compared to before, when there was a hint of insecurity each time a print server needed maintenance. Today, all improvements benefit end users immediately." -  Anders Eklind, System Network Manager NCC

Operations benefit from increased control, availability and redundancy. End users are kept happy with powerful helpdesk tools. You can deploy new printer drivers or remove old ones globally with a few clicks. And you have real-time visibility of all printing activity.

"To administrate and make changes on every printer server. To upload drivers and update them. Try to find another solution to do that automatically. With Cirrato that is really easy. Upload the driver and it is at a central location. For this company, that feature has a really positive effect." -Thomas Strohmayer, Head of Printing Solutions, STRABAG

Financially, the consolidations that Cirrato One enables bring rapid ROI whilst reduced energy use and paper waste adds to the financial and environmental benefits.