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How it Works | Cirrato One Single Server Printing

How It Works

Cirrato One Single Server Printing is not just 'added functionality' on top the 25 years old print spool server technology, but an altogether smarter, more flexible and more robust printing infrastructure. This is how it works.

The Multi-Server Problem

How can an organization with multiple geographical locations manage their printers effectively, consolidate their server and printer environment, and reduce printing costs? Traditional systems make this difficult. With traditional servers, each time you print, your entire file is sent to a print server, and then to the destination printer.

Server to desktop

To avoid heavy network traffic, large organizations have to invest in multiple local print servers. It creates extra administration, and makes it difficult to manage and support a distributed fleet. And if a server becomes unavailable, printing comes to a full stop.

The One-Server Solution

With Cirrato, you have only one server, even in a global organization, and this server manages all your printers, including USB connected ones, using tiny messages. It’s like a flight controller – but for printing.

Globa print infrastructure

When you print, Cirrato manages your printer drivers, printer queues and printing policies. When all is clear, the file is sent directly to the printer, with the correct rules and policies applied. After printing, Cirrato collects valuable statistics.

Cirrato Printing Infrastructure

Therefore, your Cirrato server can give you complete control over 30,000 printers worldwide with minimal network traffic. In thin client or remote desktop environments, print jobs are compressed and printer mapping made easy.

Best of all, Cirrato gives you incredible redundancy. If for any reason your server cannot be reached, you can just keep on printing. Statistics are retroactively collected when your server is back online.

Used by hundreds of enterprise and public sector organizations worldwide, Cirrato has removed thousands of print servers and is fast becoming the new global printing standard. Improve the flexibility, scalability and robustness of your infrastructure, and manage and support your entire printer fleet. Please contact us today or download our whitepaper to learn more.

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