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Reimagine Printing | Cirrato One Single Server Printing

Reimagine Printing

Reinvent your printing environment: choose Cirrato for centralized print management with one single server.

Imagine a more robust, fully scalable printing infrastructure, using virtually no hardware and WAN bandwidth. Imagine the time saved with fully automated driver management, proactive monitoring, powerful support, and improved redundancy. Imagine the reduced cost and environmental benefit of less paper and energy use. Imagine end users having a choice of where they print with pull print functionality that makes print jobs available on any device - regardless of geographical location. All this and more becomes reality with Cirrato One. 

Join Us at the Forefront. Reimagine Printing.

What the experts say about Cirrato;

”IT decisions to overhaul the network and reduce servers can dramatically impact print and negate work done by those responsible for the internal print strategy. Cirrato can provide the software and expertise to help ensure that print infrastructure is catered for in any change to the corporate network.”

- Gartner (Cool Vendor 2014)

"Best Single Server Printing Solution. Cirrato One is the winner within the ‘Single Server Printing’ category, and was competing against 8 other parties."

- TMT Awards (Technology Awards 2016)

"Most Innovative Print Management System, Cirrato One. What stood out to the team at Corporate LiveWire is how Cirrato Single Server Printing can help companies reduce energy and paper usage, reduce support trips, and even the number of color printouts. Each measure is meaningful on its own, but when combined, the environmental effect can be staggering and the savings go directly to the bottom line."

- Corporate LiveWire (Innovation & Excellence Awards 2017)