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Easy Migration

Easy Migration

Even large organizations can migrate their entire printing fleet to Cirrato within days. Migration can be done globally, or office by office. Cirrato can even co-exist with your existing print spool server solution.

By following these simple steps, full migration to Cirrato does not have to take more than a few days from start to finish:  

1. Install Cirrato Software 

Prepare a server that meets Cirrato's configuration requirements and install the Cirrato Server software. Then configure the Cirrato Client software with the server details and deploy to clients as a .msi-package using standard tools.

One of our Cirrato-certified partners can complete the installation. Or contact us directly and we'll help you remotely install trial licenses for free. We can also certify your existing IT integrator or help you pick a suitable partner. 

2. Populate your server with printers and drivers  

For a full migration of hundreds or thousands of printers, use Cirrato Inventory, a small piece of software that sits on a network share folder and runs on clients using login scripts. Once invoked, the software gathers information about your organization's printing activity and provides the same detailed printing reports and statistics as the full Cirrato software. Your Cirrato server will automatically be populated with all your network and USB printers.

Or manually create your location-based tree structure with Cirrato's administrative interface, configure the printers and upload the drivers. This manual approach takes approximately two minutes per printer.

3. Install Cirrato printers on workstations 

There are two options for installing Cirrato printers on clients:

Automate printer installation on clients using scripts.
Let users search for and install their favorite printers with Cirrato's Printer Search & Install tools. 

That's it, you are done!

Then remove existing print servers. Users now directly print to any printer with improved reliability and almost no WAN traffic. You are done!

Also available: assisted migration. Cirrato offers a smart toolset that allows you to identify all network printers, configurations and drivers. With the assistance of Cirrato Professional Services, you can generate a file containing data on all printers for each server, including IP address, type, model, name, configurations, drivers, server name, comments that were added, etc. Based on this overview you decide which ones to keep when changing over to Cirrato.